Natural Sleep Drink

Trouble Sleeping? 


Chillax is the Natural Sleep Drink  to help you get a great nights sleep. Chillax is a unique blend of Montmorency Tart Cherry juice and Lactium, both of which are clinically proven to aid sleep.


- Montmorency Cherry Juice - proven to contain significant level of natural Melatonin, which helps support regular and restful sleep patterns. We have concentrated the formula to contain over 100 cherries!

- Lactium® - a natural protein derivative proven to have calming and relaxation properties

- Improves sleep quality and duration

- Calms and eases stress - preparing you for rest

- Wake up feeling refreshed

- Safe for the whole family

- Natural yet effective alternative to sleeping pills

- No sedative or next-morning 'after-effects'

- Convenient 90ml bottle - perfect for travelling

- No added sugar. Naturally sweetened by Stevia - natural plant sweetener

- No artificial colours or flavours

- Rich source of natural antioxidants

- No more pills!


Available in 90ml Single serve and 1 litre bottle.


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Chillax® is ideal for people suffering from:
Lack of sleep
Poor quality or interrupted sleep
Jet lag